March 19, 2013

Victoria Memorial Hall – British Work of Art in Kolkata


While in Kolkata, I observed that there are various historical monuments which showcase the architectural intelligence of the past centuries. One of them is the iconic Victoria Memorial Hall, a white marble marvel conceived by Lord Curzon as an honor to Queen Victoria. It is also known as the Taj Mahal of Kolkata. This grand [...]

Photo of the Week – The Sacred Tsomgo Lake


  This is Tsomgo lake, a glacial lake in East Sikkim, India. It has an altitude of??3,780??m (12,400??ft) above sea level and 18 km away from the Indo-China border crossing. Also known as Changu lake or Tsongmo lake,'?it is also regarded as a very sacred lake by the local Buddhists and the Hindus. On the [...]

A Nationwide Celebration

You could argue that the Olympics aren??t just about London, that they’??re about the UK as a whole, celebrating sport and coming together in a unified way. Well, I think that??s true in many ways, as events are being held nationwide, and not just in the capital. From the Olympic torch race, taking the famous [...]

Three Must Visit Places in Genting Highlands


Genting Highlands in the north-east part of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a resort city located on a mountain peak of the Titiwangsa Mountain Range overlooking the capital city of Malaysia. It was built in 1965-1971 and has been steadily expanded and developed ever since. Most of the tourists go here for loads of entertainment, clean [...]

Photo Essay – Mallick Ghat Flower Market in Kolkata


One of my favorite sights in Kolkata, India was the flower market in Mallick Ghat underneath Howrah Bridge. This market in the east side of Kolkata is one of the oldest and largest flower markets in India. For almost 130 years, buyers and sellers are constantly running through narrow alleyways of the market with massive [...]

Photo of the Week – Wild Elephants of Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary


  This shot was taken in Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, a national park in West Bengal, India. We spent 1 night in Hollong Forest Bungalow, the only accommodation inside the jungle which is run by West Bengal Forest Department. Our room had an amazing view overlooking the stream that attracted the rhinos, elephants, bison and other [...]

Kolkata – Old British Capital City of India


After travelling for 13 months, I was able to visit different places in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and China' I can truly say that it was a life changing experience. Travelling help me see what's really important in life and it broadens my mind in many aspects. On the second year of [...]

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