Top Three Free Things to Do in New York

New York City is one of my dream destinations. With an absolute number of things to do, photographic opportunities and historical landmarks, this city which is also known as the Big Apple is great place to experience. New York is composed of five boroughs. Brooklyn and Queens are geographically part of Long Island, while Manhattan and Staten Island are islands and the Bronx is attached to the US mainland. These islands are linked to each other by tunnels, bridges and ferries.


At first, I was under the impression that a trip to New York City is all about high-end shopping, upscale dining and five-star accommodations. Sure, the city is full of these types of indulgences, but most of them are too expensive for me. After doing some research, I found out that this metropolis also offers so many free and cheap things to see and do around the five boroughs without going bankrupt.


From the parks of Queens, to the street Brooklyn, popular tourist attractions in Manhattan, NewYork has something to offer for everyone. So if I would get a chance to visit New York, I'd definitely book any??flights to New York to check out my top three things to do in New York for free.


Times Square

Times Square

Times Square

This famous and iconic landmark is located in the middle of New York City. This place is worth the visit even with numerous number of visitors and locals stream along its sidewalks. No matter what the time or the weather is, the place is electric! With it's larger-than-life billboards, cars, stores, to the masses of people. Times Square is something to experience in person.


Central Park

Central Park, New York

Central Park

Also known as The Backyard of New York, Central Park offers free events, statues, ponds and many more. One can play game on the great lawn or just seat and have some snack while just people watching. You can also play checkers or chess, jogging or simply strolling. In case of winter, slip on a pair of ice skates and enjoy ice skating.


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge - New York City

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in United States. It is one of the most iconic bridges in the country and offers beautiful views. This massive structure connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, is the oldest suspension bridge in the United States. The views of both neighboring Manhattan Bridge and the lower Manhattan is spectacular and breathtaking in this area.








Photo Credits: Times Square by aherrero, Central Park by LeSimonPix ', Brooklyn Bridge by Adorenomis


  1. That’s also my impression when I came here. If you researched enough you’ll find out that New York’s not all about upscale shopping and dining,

  2. I’ve been to NY for a wedding, stayed in Queens. I was there for 4 days, not enough. Didn’t get to as much as I wanted to.

  3. New York is also my dream destination in US. I think it offers a lot of things to see when in USA… These free places to visit are good tips when one is visiting New York. I think it just turns expensive when we want to visit a specific place that is very much commercialized and touristy.

  4. Best City in the world. Stayed there for three weeks. NYC pa lang sulit na sulit na. Actually, aside from DC, NYC lang talaga ang gusto ko puntahan sa US.

    Ang daming puwede gawin sa NYC without spending too much. You just have to research and plan ahead.

    • Thanks for visiting the site, Fran! I agree, planning and research is the best thing to do. Sana makapunta rin ako. :)

  5. Let’s hear it for New York! New York!! there is a tour company called FreeToursByFoot. You just pay what you can afford though they have a suggested fee/tipping of $20 but they won’t force and it’s very interesting as you walk along Wall St.,Greenwich Village.
    Visit HighLine too..very interesting architecturally and great vantage point for photography :D

  6. oohh I have an extra fridge magnet..but then I don’t know how to send it to you..thank u gift for the El Nido help hahaha

    • SWEET! I’m still on the road so I don’t have a permanent address as of now.. THANK YOU!!! :) Kulitin kita kapag punta ako ng NY. :)

      • I’ll hold on to it..reserved ko na…malay mo makabunggo kita while on the road :P iabot ko na lang sa iyo…Just keep on dreaming..ako din ni hindi ko naisip na makakatapak ako sa Big Apple :D

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