Top Places to Visit in Cyprus

One of my dream destinations is Cyprus. It is located at the right side of Mediterranean, so aside from the beautiful sceneries and cultures that one can experience here, Cyprus is also an ideal jump off point to visit neighboring countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. The island strategic location made it a place of constant invasions during the Classic up to the middle ages. And each civilization that spent on this island has left its mark.

As a result of various invasions, Cyprus is an island with Roman, Greek, early Christian, Byzantine, Templar, Crusade Knight, Muslim, Venetian, Turkish and British influences. Now, this island is a home to Christian monasteries, Roman mosaics, Crusader castles and fortresses and lots of other ruins that each has become an attraction.

If I will be given a chance to fly anywhere in the world, I'd definitely book flights to Cyprus to visit and see the following:

Paphos Harbour and Mosaic

Paphos is a town on the southwest coast of Cyprus. In Greek mythology, Paphos is known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. The town has been inhabited since the Neolithic period and in ancient times, Paphos was the island's capital.

During that time, Old Paphos original town is located at some distance from the sea. But Today, Paphos town was founded on the coast and become a busy fishing harbour and a home to tourist resorts. It is also a good place to take a boat tour of the surrounding coastline and beaches.
Villa of Theseus 2

Phaphos Mosaic

The Paphos Mosaics which is located beside the harbour are considered to be the finest mosaic in the Eastern Mediterranean and one of the most historic sites on the island of Cyprus. Many of these mosaic show scenes from Greek Mythology.

Panagia tou Araka

Kykko Mosaic 4One of the Painted Church

Panagia tou Araka or the church of Our Lady of the Pea is a prominent 12th century church and one of the painted churches that you will find in Troodos. What makes it different among the rest is that it's meticulously surrounded by the lush trees and wild peas. The breath taking backdrop makes it one of the eye-catching Byzantine churches on the island. It is also described as the little gem of craftsmanship and listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The ancient Curium and Kolossi castles are both situated in Limassol area. These two sites are just examples of the wealth of history to be found in Cyprus. The ruins of Curium dating from the 2nd century AD is described as one of the most amazing archaeological sites in whole Cyprus and the most spectacular scenery by the sea.

KourionPart of Ancient Curium

Kolossi Castle dating from 13th century is a fine example of military architecture. This castle was used to be a Grand Commandery of the Knights Templar and headquarters of the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. This castle is also considered as the most important forts of Medieval Cyprus.








Photo Credits: Paphos Mosaic and ??Painted Church by: Son of Groucho, Curium by Mikeachim


  1. Cyprus is one of the countries I’m dying to visit someday. It’s places and history fascinates me! It has a very interesting background and culture that is somewhat European, Mediterrean and Asian. Good, you feature this country here.

  2. Great shots you have here!

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