Kraton Ratu Boko – Yogyakarta’s Lost Masterpiece Palace Complex


Kraton Ratu Boko??is one of the fascinating ancient palace complex in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Unlike the other huge heritage of Borobudur and Prambanan temples, the Ratu Boko was destroyed – only some parts of the palace can be seen as parts of buildings. That is why it is not as famous as the other two temples. [...]

Photo of the Week: Kota Kinabalu Waterfront Sunset


  This shot was taken at the Waterfront of Kota Kinabalu. KK waterfront is a reclaimed area beside the Filipino Market. The Waterfront is a popular place for night entertainment in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Before sunset, the people of Sabah come here to socialize, to do business, to talk, to relax and most especially to [...]

Top Three Reasons to Visit Canary Wharf


Canary Wharf in East London is one of the most dramatic and fast become recognizable addition to London's skyline. The development in this part of London has been a booming business area with financial institutions, international companies and media groups taking up residence alongside shops, malls, bars, restaurants, cinemas, health and sports club, theaters and [...]

Jogja Java Carnival – Showcase the Artistic Side of Javanese


Yogyakarta or locally known as Jogja, one of Indonesia's favorite tourist destination held an annual festival called Jogja Java Carnival (JJC). This is to commemorate Jogja's anniversary which falls during the 7th day of October. JJC is an art and cultural performance set in street carnival concept. It is a night carnival of street performance [...]

Top Places to Visit in London


London is considered as one of the most cosmopolitan city and one of the most visited city in the world because of its attractive ancient castles and forts, buildings, landmarks, museum, galleries, cathedrals and beautiful parks. It is a melting pot of cultures and traditions as people from every race all over the world can [...]

Top Holidays for Every Adventurer

For some people lying on a beach for a week or two is just what they need. Unfortunately, all of that relaxation can leave others restless, making them eager to experience something new. Activity holidays are the perfect solution and offer fun filled adventure to keep you busy. It is possible to incorporate activity holidays [...]

Yogyakarta – Cradle of Javanese Culture


Yogyakarta or locally known as Yogja (often spelt and referred to in different ways such as Jogjakarta or Jogja) is located at the very heart of the premier tourist island of Java, Indonesia. This old city keeps a lot of charm in it and has a fantastic taste of Javanese cultures and traditions. Unlike the [...]

Top Places to Visit in Cyprus


One of my dream destinations is Cyprus. It is located at the right side of Mediterranean, so aside from the beautiful sceneries and cultures that one can experience here, Cyprus is also an ideal jump off point to visit neighboring countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. The island strategic location made it a place of [...]

Islands and Beaches of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park in Kota Kinabalu


In Kota Kinabalu, the simplest island to hop around has to be the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. It is a cluster of islands comprising Pulau Manukan, Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi and Pulau Sulug, all only 15-20 minute speedboat ride from the city of Kota Kinabalu. The five islands of the Marine [...]

Top Three Places to Visit in Liverpool


Liverpool is a city located in Merseyside in the North West of England. It is a city with rich cultural heritage and famous for its sports, nightlife and music. Since 2004, several part of the city centre received a UNESCO World Heritage Site status and in 2008 it was awarded the title of European Capital [...]

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