July 19, 2011

El Nido Islands and Beaches: Nacpan and Calitang Beach

This is the final part of the series of El Nido Islands and Beaches where I save the best for last. Nacpan and Calitang Beach is the best among the beaches that I’ve been to. The Nacpan and Calitang beach which I considered as paradise can be found in El Nido.

If you’re in El Nido in Palawan, the famous island hopping is something that you absolutely cannot miss. I tried tour A & B and both are absolutely fantastic and definitely worth it. One beach is actually better than the other. Fortunately, El Nido at this time is still in its best conditions and the islands are relatively quiet during the island hopping.

El Nido - Nacpan/Calitang BeachThe reciprocal beach

El Nido - Nacpan/Calitang Beachview of Nacpan/Calitang beach

The difference?? of these beaches to other beaches and Islands in El Nido is that it is not usually visited by tourists…?? Calitang and Nacpan beach is sharing the same shoreline. It only divided?? by a paved stone which serves as a marker between the two beaches. The beach is not yet commercialize. Meaning, you will not find any establishments here. A fishing village and a large resthouse are the only structures in here. In case your island tours get cancelled due to reasons like bad weather, while in El Nido, you can consider Nacpan and Calitang as your option. Just rent motorbike or hire a tricycle then you can go to Nacpan and Calitang beach overland. Some said it’s the longest strip of beach in El Nido. It is about 20kms north of El Nido town proper. Granted it’s not easy to get there, the road is tough and the sun is very intense but the rewards are phenomenal.

El Nido - Nacpan/Calitang Beach

rough road going to Nacpan/Calitang beach

El Nido - Nacpan/Calitang Beachnice view going to Nacpan/Calitang beach

El Nido - Nacpan/Calitang Beachview of Nacpan/Calitang beach

El Nido - Nacpan/Calitang Beachfine sandy shore

El Nido - Nacpan/Calitang Beachfishing village in Nacpan/Calitang beach

El Nido - Nacpan/Calitang Beachview of Nacpan/Calitang beach

El Nido - Nacpan/Calitang Beachcrystal clear water of the beach

El Nido - Nacpan/Calitang BeachNacpan/Calitang Beach

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  1. Ella says:

    Awesome pics, Bok! More…more! =)

  2. ayan says:


  3. jc says:

    wow! never knew there’s a beach like that in el nido until I saw it here. stunning! would be very eager to see this one when we go there on june. awesome shots by the way!

  4. hello ulit…pwede ba kami magstay sa Nacpan/Calitang ng buong afternoon? hihintayin ba ako ng trike or ung 500 is ung fare lang papunta tapos iba pa ung pabalik to town?

    • Bino says:

      Balikan na yun. Pwede naman kayo mag-stay ng mag-hapon dun. I suggest, inform niyo na lang din yung trike kung until what time niyo plano mag-stay dun. :) Excited na ko for you. Ganda kasi talaga ng beach. :)

  5. hmm thank you for sharing this, I’ll surely check this out when I visit El Nido again this year.

  6. hahaha oo nga kakaexcite…excited na ako na magpicture picture ng ganito kagandang beach. salamat sa mga tips at sa walang sawang pagreply sa tanong :D

  7. tina says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to visit this place. Hopefully next year. :) Nice shots!

  8. Jonas says:

    Great pics, How about accomodation doon sa calitangbeach ? Wala talaga ng resorts doon ?

    • Bino says:

      Hi Jonas, thanks for dropping by. :) Walang accomodation sa Calitang Beach. Kung adventurous ka naman and if you want an overnight stay, pwede ka naman magdala ng tent or hammock. :)

  9. Breathtaking photos! El Nido is indeed a paradise. Congrats sa El Nido series mo. I’m sure madaming madadalang turista ang blog mo sa El Nido at isa na ko dun. haha. Kasama na to sa mga must see destinations ko. Thanks for documenting your trip! :-)

    • Bino says:

      Thank you Lovely.. Until now, I can’t believe that the most wonderful Islands and Beaches I’ve seen in my entire is in my home country.. I’m proud of it. :)

  10. Hhhmm hindi ako napa Wow kasi napa SUPER WOW! ako : O sobrang worth it ang matagtag na daan may kasama pang putik sa ganda ng lugar..solong solo namin ang beach :) parang private island tuloy ang dating

    • Bino says:

      Wow! :) SAYA! I’m happy na nakita niyo na siya for real. Share your pics too. :)

      • Tama ka nga the pictures doesn’t do it any justice, kahit anong gawin kong kuha parang dibko macapture yung ganda niya :) dapat talaga makita mo in person hayy hanggang ngayon di pa din ako maka getover sa beach na to..will post the pics maybe next week enjou muna sa bakasyon bago magblog ulit

  11. Nathalie says:

    wow! will definitely check this island pag nakabalik uli ng El Nido. :)

  12. Rey says:

    Sir, Do you know how long the beach is (white beach in boracay is 4km.)? coz I heard that beaches in El Nido are narrow and short, so to see this is quite surprising!. I can’t locate this particular place in google earth so if u know the coordinates it would be of great help.

    Great Blog and awesome pics!.


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