August 14, 2011

Octopus hunters of El Nido, Palawan

Octopuses are perhaps best known for their 8 long, sucker carrying arms. Their main means of slow travel is crawling, with some swimming. They move by crawling along the bottom of the ocean with their arms. Octopuses are also capable of changing their color, depending on mood and environment. ??Since octopus don't have shell to protect themselves by hiding behind large stones on the ocean floor.


As a delicacy, many parts of the world prepare and cook octopus as a food source. And in El Nido, Palawan, It is one of the favorite food of the locals. During low tide, It is common to see young kids hunting for them.
El Nido-Octopus hunting

El Nido-Octopus hunting

El Nido-Octopus hunting


For them, hunting for an octopus is just an easy thing. By using only the extract of grass they called “hagonoy”. They just pour the extract in between rocks on the ocean floor and wait for a few moments. Once the octopus tasted the grass juice, it will come out under the rock. And when they are fully out, It's the time for the kids to grab them very quick.
El Nido-Octopus hunting

El Nido-Octopus hunting

El Nido-Octopus hunting


According to these kids, the extracted juice of hagonoy is bitter. And this is the reason why they went out.


El Nido-Octopus hunting

El Nido-Octopus hunting


When they are able to acquire enough amount of octopus, they bring it home to cook and eat it.

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  1. thomas solido says:

    musta na bino? btw nice shots!

  2. chyng says:

    ang simple ng paghuli! amazing!
    buti walang special defense na built in ang mga octupus at pwede damputin ng bare hands..

  3. Mek says:

    wow, ganun lang pala yun kadali heheh.. nice shots btw

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