March 16, 2013

Octopus hunters of El Nido, Palawan


Octopuses are perhaps best known for their 8 long, sucker carrying arms. Their main means of slow travel is crawling, with some swimming. They move by crawling along the bottom of the ocean with their arms. Octopuses are also capable of changing their color, depending on mood and environment. ??Since octopus don't have shell to [...]

Photo of the week: Sunset in El Nido, Palawan


  I took this shot in Barangay Corong corong in El Nido, Palawan. Corong corong beach is where you find the perfect place to view the fantastic sunset in El Nido. If you’re planning to go to El Nido include Corong-Corong in the place to visit, truly an idyllic beach known for its magnificent and [...]

El Nido Islands and Beaches: Snake Island & Shimizu Island


This is the third part of El Nido Islands and Beaches series. For this part, I’m going to feature Shimizu Island and Snake Island. SHIMIZU ISLAND The island was named after a japanese scuba diver who died near the island because of insufficient oxygen in his tank. Shimizu’s main attraction is the beautiful marine life [...]

El Nido Islands and Beaches: Secret Lagoon & Cudugnon Cave


This article is the second part of the series for “El Nido Islands and Beaches”. And now, I’m going to feature another two breathtaking and amazing place in El Nido, Palawan. These are Secret lagoon and Cudugnon cave. SECRET LAGOON The secret lagoon is an interesting island because it's divided into two by a giant [...]

Photo of the Week: Ghost crab in El Nido, Palawan


  A ghost crab is a type of crab that rule the sandy shores in tropical region. They dig deep whole or tunnel into the ground to create a space suitable for temporary habitation. I took this shot in El Nido, Palawan. A ghost crab that creating its shelter… The sand balls are the remains [...]

El Nido Islands and Beaches: Small & Big Lagoon


Upon arriving at El Nido town, you’ll be greeted by tons of travel agents eager to book you in one of the boat tours to explore the islands. There were 4 different tours and they are labelled as Tour A, B, C & D. The prices are generally the same at every tour agency. These [...]

Photo of the Week: Fishermen of El Nido


This picture was taken at the shoreline of Barangay Corong Corong in El Nido, Palawan. This scenario is commonly?? seen on the beach. The fisherman lift their boats away from the shore to avoid the waves that can sweep them. Specification: Camera: Canon 450D F-stop: f/14 Exposure time: 1/500 sec. Exposure bias: -1 step ISO: [...]

Night hunters of El Nido, Palawan


Usually after dinner, I often stand in front of the beach to relax and observe the beauty of the sea. I also usually noticed separate groups of people who are carrying lights, buckets and knife walking in its own direction.. It seems that they’re looking for something in the sea.   I approached and talked [...]

Marimegmeg beach of El Nido: Incredibly beautiful


From my rented room in Brgy. Corong Corong, you will see an island from not far off. Every morning, it become my habits to stare at it because of its beauty. From my standpoint, I can hear the green trees and white sand island that’s calling my name…   View from where I am staying [...]

Fishermen of El Nido, Palawan


While I was walking on the shore?? one morning, I noticed a group of fishermen drinking alcohol while having a loud conversations. While I was taking away the morning glory in my eyes and talking to new friends I met here in El Nido,?? I heard a man yelling “get the fishing net”… The fishermen [...]

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