March 17, 2013

Boracay Island: A glimpse of paradise

Sunset in Boracay

It was my first time to go to Boracay and it never failed to impress me' People will soon be coming here sooner than expected. I hope the beach stays as it is' Boracay is a wonderful place to be with and I can't wait to visit it again. About the Place: Boracay, Aklan , [...]

Life at Santichai Phrakarn Park

Santichai Phrakarn Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Simplicity is characterized by living with only the essentials. People choose simplicity for all sorts of reasons including; spirituality, freeing time to enjoy life, conservation,?? personal taste, etc. It is not how much money you have, earn, or spend, but rather a values-based lifestyle that cannot be measured by any standard metric. About the Place: [...]

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