Thailand Street Food: Insanely Delicious

I’ve been traveling in Southeast Asia for six months now and my favorite part of this trip is the street food. It was fun to go hunting the streets for a meal.

In Bangkok and in any part of Thailand, there are many kinds of street food to try. Fried Rice, Pad Thai or the Egg Noodles with pork dumplings. You can literally find food on every corner or in every market in Thailand. And yes, it is way cheaper than eating in a restaurant that’s why it’s the best choice for budget travellers. There are BBQ carts everywhere offering different meats, seafoods and tofu on a wooden stick.

One of the negative aspect could be is that they are often on busy roads and the hot weather makes it more uncomfortable to sit and eat. If you don’t want to sit you can always order to go. Pick the one where lots of Thais are eating and you won’t go wrong.

There are tons of streets lined with food stalls even in the more commercial/financial areas where many Thai office workers go for lunch. Some also set-up only at night that serves predominantly grilled meat or noodles. But each neighborhood throughout Thailand have street-food stalls either during the day or night.

Here are some snap shots of street food I found in Thailand:

1. Tom Yum Kum (30-60 THB)

Bangkok Street Foods

My all time favorite!!!

2. Grilled Seafoods (25-50 THB)

Bangkok Street Foods

Dried Squid


3. Grilled Meat (10 – 40 Baht)

Bangkok Street FoodsBangkok Street Foods
Bangkok Street Foods


Bangkok Street Foods
Bangkok Street Foods

Bangkok Street Foods


4. Fresh Fruits (10-20 THB)



5. Shawarma (25-35 THB)


Bangkok Street Foods


6. Rotti and Crepe (20-40 THB)

Bangkok Street Foods

Banana Crepe



7. Fried Dumplings (10 THB)

Bangkok Street Foods


8. Mixed Fried Rice (25-40 THB)

Fried Rice


Bangkok Street Foods


9. Sushi (20-35 THB)
Bangkok Street Foods

10. Pandan Cake ( 10 THB)

Bangkok Street Foods

11. Pad Thai (20 – 35 THB)

Bangkok Street Foods


12. Coconut Ice Cream (20 THB)

Bangkok Street Foods



To avoid a bad stomach or getting sick, Always make sure that you only eat foods cooked in front of you – especially with street BBQ.

The food, and especially their street foods is so addictive and I go absolutely crazy about it!

You can also check the following street food from other part of Southeast Asia:

Street Food in Luang Prabang, Laos

Street Food in Hanoi, Vietnam




  1. Why did i go here with an empty stomach huhu :( i want that Mixed Rice! 😀

  2. mouth-watering. parang pinas lng din sa dami ng street food :)

  3. Tom Yum! eto yung namiss ko talaga sa Thailand! matry nga yung pandan cake. with gulaman ba yan na drink?

    • Ed, Parang milk tea rin ang lasa nung drink. Nakalimutan ko yung tawag sa kanya… Tom Yum at Milk tea lang ang naiisip ko kapag nasa Thailand. :)

  4. Namiss ko tuloy yung Thai food! I went crazy for Tom Yum (the best yung seafood) at Khao Phat (or Thai friend rice – playd lays ang bigkas nila!) kaka-aaddict…sayang hindi ko natikman yung Phad Thai – yung ang pinamasarap sabi na Thai cuisine.

    • Tom Yum(sea food) din ang favorite kong Thai food! :) Haha,., Natawa ako sa Playd Lays.. Must try rin yung Phad Thai nila. :)

  5. Street pad thai and pancake are my fave!

  6. favorite ko ang Thai food sa lahat esp ang Tom Yum. at salamat sayo kase ngaun alam ko na pano xa i-spell. haha

  7. This look so amazing. I love to go with street food when I travel. My first trip to Thailand will be in May, and this is really helpful. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the visit, Jeff! Thailand street food is one of the best I’ve tried. Tom Yum being my favorite! Have a happy and safe trip this May.

  8. miss ko na Thailand..Pad thai,fried rice tska ung banana pancake w/ nutella palagi kong in halos araw araw.LOL…ung nasa Krabi ako may kinain din ako na may sabaw, d ko lang ano pangalan ng food,pero masarap din..haaayy,nagutom ako ung nkita ko pics mo.hehehe

  9. Panalo yang mixed fried rice. Di ko inexpect na ganun sya kasarap.

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