El Nido Palawan: The Philippines’ last frontier

The Philippines is containing numerous places which can introduce you into different eye catching spots. From it’s great marine life to the great flora and fauna. Still, the best things that Philippines have to offer are their beaches. The country is being surrounded with bodies of water that is why mesmerizing beaches are just common with this place. If you want to go to a beach where there are lots of people where you can interact with, Boracay is the place to go. If you want to go to a very secluded place just away from it all the beaches in Palawan are best recommended for you. El Nido is a place in Palawan. It lies at the end of an average travel time of five-six hour overland from the capital Puerto Princesa. As of this writing, I haven’t tried any Island tour yet, but I already understand when I saw the beach why it’s so special.




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They have the same quality of beaches that can be found in the famous Boracay but one of the most options that come with El Nido Palawan would be the fascinating look of the numerous amount of giant limestone in various size and shapes that scattered almost everywhere.

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Arriving in El Nido, your first goal should be to secure some accommodation, which is easy enough, as there is basically only 1 road of hotels and pensions to check. I would recommend to avoid the hotels directly at the beach, as they obviously charge higher rates. Since I am on a budget and will be staying here for a month, I go for more affordable rates, since what I get for is basically the same – a room with bed and bathroom.

Click here for detailed list and prices of accomodations in El Nido.




Most activities in El Nido are almost solely centered around watersport, although trekking, hiking and caving are also available here. If you are not the lazy type who is happy already to sit at the main beach watching the sea and letting time pass on its own, your day will usually include one of several standardized boat tours.

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El Nido is not yet fully electrified, meaning that all power will be off from 6.00am until 2.00pm, so whatever you pay for your hotel that needs power supply ( amenities like TV, Aircon and even Hot Water) won’t work during that period, no matter how much you actually paid for it. So make sure that your hotel have a generator.




Cellsites for Philippines cellphone providers Smart and Globe are active in El Nido, although Smart may have a certain edge over Globe in terms of access.

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Internet services can be found all over El Nido Town. Some of the restaurants around here offers a free WIFI connection. There are also few internet shops available in the town proper.




Tricycle(a motorcycle with a covered sidecar attached) is the local transportation in El Nido The fixed rate for tricycle travel within El Nido town is $0.20 (PHP 10). If you want to travel further out, jeepneys and busses provide town-to-town transport but with limited time schedules.







Bring as many Philippines pesos as you need – banks and ATMs are nonexistent in El Nido, and not all establishments accept credit cards. Have your foreign currencies and travelers’ checks converted to the local currency at Puerto Princesa or in Manila, before going to El Nido.


There are no hospitals in El Nido a government-run health center and a private physician-surgeon provides healthcare for the town and its visitors. The clinic’s doctor and can manage minor health emergencies, but major situations need to be taken all the way to the provincial general hospitals.





Malaria is said to be common in some remote rural areas in Palawan, so bring your choice of insect repellant and apply it on your skin periodically. I would suggest that you bring a mosquito nets as an added protections while you’re sleeping.

A few local pharmacies can dispense common over-the-counter medicines like cough syrup and paracetamol. Bring your own personal prescription drugs, as it may not be available on local drugstore here.


Is El Nido worth visiting? YES! With its white-sand beaches, gorgeous limestone cliffs and crystal-clear blue waters, this is a paradise destination that I never imagined.



  1. I love limestone hills and secluded beaches so mukhang must-see nga tong El Nido. Wow, one month ka dyan? Kainggit naman. hehe. Good luck to your trip and thanks for sharing this very informative post! :-)

  2. wow.. 1 month!@#$?
    would love to stay there for that long…
    tas libre lang mgIsland hopping..paradise

    • Hi Ayan, Thanks for dropping by. Actually kulang ang 1 month para ma-explore ang El Nido. Ang daming pwedeng puntahan.. :) Ang dami ko pang narinig from the locals here tungkol sa magaganda pang spots sa ibang lugar sa Palawan.. like sa San Vicente, Taytay, Villa Paz, etc. :)

  3. Wow! One month?! Ang saya naman. We also went there last Feb., may mga konting articles din ako nakuha kahit paano sa 4D and 3N namin don pero parang bitin pa rin. Most likely babalik pa kami dito, isama mo na ang mga unspoiled beaches ng Taytay and San Vicente.

    • ako din may plans na bumalik dito.. Parang gusto ko na nga dito mag-settle eh. Hehe,., May nagkwento pala sakin na 14 kilometers daw ang shoreline ng san Vicente.. napa-WOW ako eh. :)

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