Mamang Sorbetero (Dirty ice cream vendor)

Mamang Sorbetero

Sorbetes, also called dirty ice cream is part of anyone’s childhood in the Philippines and it symbolized the Filipino’s fondness for sweet delights. Mamang sorbetero with his colorful cart full of cool “sorbetes” in flavors of chocolate, strawberry, avocado, vanilla, mango, ube and cheese are one of icons of everyday culture in the Philippines . Hearing the ring of bell means afternoon nap time is over and it’s time for merienda (snack). I recommend that you try this dirty ice cream in a monay bread (bun) if you like to eat it other than the conventional sweet cone. It’s nice to see that it’s still exist as it is one of the unique and distinctly Philippine food experience that tourists can try. Just look for Mamang Sorbetero with his colorful two-wheeled cart. I hope people in this business will continue this and children and those children at heart would continue to patronized sorbetes. Thank you mamang sorbetero for reminding me of my sweet childhood memories…

About the Place: Manila , Philippines

Manila is the capital city and the largest urban center in the Philippines . A location where you found some of the most historically and culturally significant landmarks in the country and a home to many scientific and educational institutions. Most of the government offices is also situated at the heart of Manila . These make the city a major political, cultural, educational, religious, cosmopolitan and transportation center of the Philippines.



  1. Eva of Las Pinas says:

    Congratulations my friend! You were really a great writer, photographer and traveller! Kudos once again……

  2. Galing mo pala! You are an Artist!

  3. chaoticfancy says:

    mamang sorbetero… they must not be extinct… such a classic of Filipino childhood.

  4. cool, may ganitong topic palah sah blog… anything could be shared talga… hehehehe, sarap naman ang “dirty ice cream”… most favorite one ube and tsokolate…

  5. ganda ng caption! I miss my childhood. Sana may dumaan uli sa lugar namin nito kaya lang very rare na siya 🙁 natalo na ng commercial ice cream.

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