India, a Culturally Rich Country

India is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Known for its spirituality, which made the country a magnet for Westerners in the 1960s, India is also home to an array of exotic wildlife. Here are just some of the country's interesting attractions. The Golden Triangle An area of India that includes some of the … [Read More...]

The Colorful Market of Nyaung U in Bagan

During my stay in Bagan, Myanmar, I stayed at Nyaung U, a town just few kilometers away from old Bagan. Most of the budget accommodations are located in Nyaung U and this town is a home to one of the most colorful and busy market in Myanmar. According to the owner of the guesthouse where I stayed, since Bagan is situated in the dry area of Myanmar, … [Read More...]

Magical Sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar


Bagan is one of Myanmar’s most famous destinations for tourism. There are many ways to explore Bagan’s many temples, either by bike, by taxi, by scooter, by horse carriage or by big tourist bus. In my opinion, Bagan is the perfect place to explore by bicycle. The streets are relatively quiet, there are great sandy roads that take you to villages … [Read More...]

Planning an International Cruise Holiday

Planning an international holiday can often be an incredibly daunting task. Sorting out travel dates, time off from work, accommodation, flights and travel money can all cause even the most seasoned traveller a fair deal of anxiety. Cruise holidays, whilst often seen as one of the more laid back and easy-going holidays that you can take, are no … [Read More...]

Four of Thailand’s Most Popular Islands

Thailand has islands everywhere, and we mean everywhere. Big and small, busy and chill, Thailand has it all when it comes to the island life. If you want to be in the cool spots, the popular spots, and the most entertaining spots, these four islands are it. Koh Tao So maybe your holiday is to be all about what's under the sea. You want to … [Read More...]

Escaping London for a Day

England might be a small island, but there’s sure a lot to offer. Historical sites to beaches, strange sites to lively pubs, you will be able to find it all, especially in the center of London. For many, the city life will soon get old and a nice getaway will be desired to get a bit of a jolt. Grab your friends or family, rent a car, plan your … [Read More...]

Photo Essay – Yi Peng Celebration at Wat Pantao


As the ancient Lanna capital, Chiang Mai in Thailand is where Yi Peng festival is being celebrated. Yi Peng is known as a time for “making merit” in the Buddhist tradition, and activities involve releasing fish and "Krathong", small boat-like vessels that are set sail upon the river to bring oneself good luck and good kharma for the next life. … [Read More...]

Top Places to Visit in Cyprus


One of my dream destinations is Cyprus. It is located at the right side of Mediterranean, so aside from the beautiful sceneries and cultures that one can experience here, Cyprus is also an ideal jump off point to visit neighboring countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. The island strategic location made it a place of constant invasions during the … [Read More...]

Yi Peng – Festival of Lights in Chiang Mai


I first saw an image of Yi Peng Festival years ago during my very first trip in Bangkok. The framed image was hanging on the wall of a guesthouse along Soi Rambuttri. During those time, I always look at the photo whenever I passed by that guesthouse. I can still remember how amazed I am when I first saw it and I promised myself then that one day, I … [Read More...]

Udaipur – City of Lakes in Rajasthan

After spending five days in the Thar desert, we decided to went back to Jodhpur en route to Udaipur, another city in Rajasthan. We stayed at the same guesthouse in Jodhpur and spent a couple of days there before finally moving to Udaipur to let our burnt skin and tired body recover from the 5 days camel safari. After a few days, we took the … [Read More...]

Kasara Resort – Luxury Resort in Chitwan

Part of my itineraries in Nepal is visiting the Chitwan National Park to see the wild animals in their natural habitat en route to Pokhara. After visiting the Gokarna Forest Resort in Kathmandu, I stayed for a few weeks in the valley to work on my sites before going to Chitwan. A few days before going to Chitwan, I got an invite from Kasara … [Read More...]

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